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17 Marine,llc   Home of the virtual water test video!

We are a small Mom & Pop family run boat shop with 35 + years in the used boat and outboard engine rebuilding industry.  We have been at this location for 11 years this year 2017 


Our shop is a little unusual in this market because we own the majority of all the boats we sell. {We are now accepting select consignment boats} This enables us to have complete control over the quality of boats we offer for sale. 

  We don't believe in pushing someone into purchasing our boats. It either works or it doesn't.  Absolutely no pressure here!  

We want our boats to be with owners who can appreciate our craftsmanship and see the true value of what we do at 17 Marine, LLC.


As an example, this a just a sample of what we put into all the boats  we own before offering them for sale. **This does not apply to any consignment boats.**


  • New Style Poppet Valve(Part of the cooling system)
  • New Spark Plugs
  • New Thermostats
  • New Water Pump
  • New Gear Oil
  • New Crank Case Oil & Filter
  • New Zincs
  • Pressure & vacuum test lower units-Replace seals as needed
  • Every boat has the correct propeller to achieve proper W.O.T.    
  • New Interstate 1000 amp Batteries
  • New Racor Water/fuel filter
  • Also-
  • Inspect every light, switch, pump etc...and replace if they do not meet our standards
  • Replace any electronics not in good working condition. I.E.  VHF, Stereo, GPS and Fish finders
  • Replace upholstery if not up to our standards.
  • Replace decals if not up to our standards.
  • Replace sun faded inoperable gauges as needed
  • Work gel coat back to high gloss.
  • Replace sun crazed windshields with custom fabricated replacement.
  • New bottom paint on boats that are bottom painted.
  • Also-
  • Trailers - repair, replace as needed tires & rims, lights, springs, winches , bearings to ensure our trailers are road worthy.
  • Computer Diagnostics 
Boss Hog keeping your boat safe until you get here!

We encourage you to do your homework, see what other boats are on the market for comparison such as condition and value for your dollars.

Don't think of us as salespersons.  We prefer to call ourselves craftsman and craftswoman.

Why do we do this?  Because most used boats out there need cosmetic & mechanical TLC to put them in good working order and bring them to their full potential before going to a new home! 

Our boats are truly a labor of love. We turn good boats into Great boats!  We enjoy bringing them back to their full potential and offering truly turn key boat packages.  All our boats are well above average condition. 

It is our belief that you get what you pay for in the used boat market. Here you get what you pay for with out the added repair bill at the end of the sale. 

When compared to the average used boat on the market, are our boats a good value?  You decide!

There is no substitute for skill, talent and hard work.

"If it was easy everyone would be doing it!"

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