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Here is just one example of what you might face buying your boat from a private party   OK, so this guy wants to sell his boat.  You assume he is  honest.   OK we all know what happens when we assume.  So the guy throws NADA  values for his boats at you.  

Ya man, great boat. *Buyer beware



#1 He had values for 2014 boat. Might be an honest mistake??  His boat is 2005   and was for a different model boat.  Also must watch because people will add value for things that come standard with the boat IE Livewell or things not even on his boat. Give him the benefit of doubt? Not so fast.  

*Buyer beware


He goes on and on about how great the boat is.  You can put it on the market and make a million bucks tomorrow he claims.  

It may have looked nice on the outside (don't judge a book by it's cover) It's what you can't see immediately  that will bite you.  *Buyer beware

  Normally  you would want to take a test ride prior to buying to be sure there are no hidden problems before paying full  purchase price.  Take that ride!! 

In this case you take him at his word. No test ride.  Really, you thought he was a genuinely honest man with integrity.  How could someone with all his talent not be genuinely honest.  He says hes an artist of many sorts, a model boat builder and invites you into his home to show you his art. *Buyer beware

#2 You pay the man and then Pow it happens. The boat you purchased you find the engine he claims only had 30 hours on it has a hole in the block.    But , you don't know this until after you pay  the seemingly honest man. 

  On that same boat the Bimini top he NADA valued at $499.00 didn't survive the ride back to your home only ten minutes up the road, hence you make or purchase a new one.  *Buyer beware


#3 The same boat with the hole in the block and that needed a new Bimini top also has to have springs put on the trailer purchased with the boat, why?  Because  they broke first trip out to the water.   


 The list goes on and on.............*Buyer beware


Our advice to all is beware  of purchasing your boat from a private party.  You just might find your buying a whole lot of repair bills instead.   That seemingly honest talking John might just be feeding 

you a lot of BS.   You can bet he won't help you with any of the repairs  You’re stuck with his headache he just pawned off on you.

Be smart when purchasing a boat from a private party.   Take it for a test ride before purchasing or better yet buy your boat here where you know we have gone through and performed all maintenance needed to insure a turnkey boat for you to enjoy!

This boat was advertised as a 1 owner boat in top condition when we purchased it. 

The following is a list of what we had  to do to make this boat worthy to be sold:

  • New winch strap
  • New leaf springs
  • New tires and rims
  • New bimini and boot
  • New battery
  • New water pump
  • New gear oil
  • New thermostat
  • New spark plugs
  • New exhaust plate
  • New exhaust plate gasket
  • New base gasket
  • New rectifier
  • New safety stop switch
  • New fuel pump
  • Clean carbs
  • Clean & buff hull
  • Paint lower unit and prop

Now the boat is in top condition!


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