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       ***** CONSIGNMENTS *****

Not only can we do an outstanding job of  advertising and marketing your boat, we also have a fully equipped shop where we can handle virtually any repair in house quickly and affordable for our customers. ( We are not just salesman ) We also buy boats if you need your money A.S.A.P.



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17 Marine LLC is now accepting Consignments. 

Wanted Later Model Clean Consignment Boats 

*We offer Ultimate Advertising. 

*We are right up front with what we feel you should get for your boat and will tell you if we think your boat should bring more or less than what your asking. 

*We won't promise you pie in the sky only to have your boat sit for months with constant price drops. We like selling in the first 24 hours to 2 week range once advertising has been put into place. 

*Open by appointment only so not every Tom, Dick and Harriett will not be climbing in and out of your boat flipping switches on and off , messing with or stealing your electronics or turning your engine over. 

*We are open 7 days a week by appointment.

*Conveniently located on Highway 17 a mile an a 1/2 off exit 164 off I 75 Going east towards Arcadia. We are the second boat place on the right proudly flying our American flag. If you don't see our American flag in the driveway or the storage RV's and boats then your not at the right place.

* Your boat will be safe and secure with us on our completely fenced chain link barb wire fenced property.
The property is owner occupied 24/7. A little extra security comes with our motion sensors and our 110 lb Rottweiler alerting to any visitors in the middle of the night.

*The majority of our boats sell in as little as 24 hours - 2 weeks. Please google 17 Marine LLC to check out our sold pages and testimonial page.

*Need a trailer to get your boat here? We are a Continental Trailer dealer and we would be happy to order you a new one at dealer cost. 

* We offer our boat purchasers fast and reliable service. We do this by only servicing boats we have sold. This is an extra selling point for your boat because buyers like knowing they are not just another customer having to get in line for service else where. Our boat buyers are our only service customers and we like it that way. All work is performed in house, no outside contractors. 

Call us today!

Office 941-575-4835 

Cell 941-268-7516
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